Destashing again…again…and again!

Well one of my favorite shows is Hoarders: Buried Alive.

Why you ask – because at one point I know my laundry/sewing/craft room was just about headed there. Every corner of my house – well as my hubby would say “I was stacking”. No not to the ceiling but a craft basket here, a stack of something here.

I feel for those on the show… the strength to wanting to make it right…them not wanting to let it go…even though they do not remember having or seeing the item for years. That fear of “If I get rid of it – this will happen or that”. Guess what you do not die for releasing those items.

They have inspire me to the point – OMG – don’t let this happen to me! It is just that stuff! Concentrate on the more important things in life. Family, friends and the memories that have stacked up there.

So in between all this destashing – decluttering – I have been preserving my memories (a blog for another day).

I have been feeling that way for years of “What if I need it Syndrome”. This show has inspired me to clean it out! The craft room of course…focus only on the crafts I love to do.

Scrapbook DVDs, Card Making, Cross Stitching and Sewing! But yet strong enough to let items go that have been there for years and guess what if I needed it I will go out to get it then. Not for the one day I will….thought.

I have been trying for years to sell items on the internet – my hand dyes and supplies – still found on Etsy. But, since every other weekend is my long weekend and the past 3 weekends were actually normal weekends(more than one day off yeah) – I have been destashing…preparing.

I wasn’t but, decided to do another yard sale. Gave a lot of stuff to my sister for their big community yard sale over the last couple months. But, since the stuff now I am getting rid of kits, decor and such.  I will have mine first and what is left she will be more than welcome to it!

The feeling of I can breathe has been so amazing! The simplicity of wish it was this way before. Ways to go yet on this last long weekend for 2 weeks but I will be ready for them…show them(the yard sale ad) and they will follow! LOL!

I hope that I inspired some of you! De-stash – De-clutter, it really is painless! Except for the cleaning part! Concentrate on the what you really treasure. If you love to read concentrate on one author. If you can afford it – get yourself a Kindle and de-clutter your books. But, honestly nothing feels better than holding a hard back in your hands and turning those pages. (that is another blog).

Hugs and Stitches Joan


About Sapphire Stitching

Love to cross stitch - work on family pictures into DVD scrapbooks
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