it’s been awhile…..

well a friend of mine just started a blog which hey I haven’t posted in eons and need to still find my self around WordPress.

So anyway I have been so busy – sometimes I think my days really do blend into each other! My Job has me so busy that with my hours either I get some stuff done in the morning or have to try to do something after work and then I am on mental melt down and just don’t want to do anything except chill.

Been lacking in the cross stitching area – so hosting a blog on my yahoo group Sapphire Stitching – we are doing our yearly Cow Stitch Swap. so been working on that and need to have that out in 2 weeks.

Been doing a bunch of card and other swaps on Swap-Bot. and manage a group on that site.

And my latest passion creating Scrapbook DVD’s – come a long way from my first one. learning the tweeks and add-ons. once I master most of the way I want things to look – then I will move onto a more expensive program. Pictures and videos set to music – commenting – dating and so on.

Recent ones were for my mom and my friend for her son’s graduation party. Both amazed. Mom thought o’ a dvd of the pictures we converted from slides that were nearly 50 years old.

When she watched it and called me (This was a Mother’s Day gift) she was amazed. I really think she needs to get the DVD player hooked up to her TV for future DVD’s I will be creating. And my friend seen the smaller works i did for family events and when I did hers she said it made her cry. so thanks enough when they enjoy!

Well off now and will try to a weekly post from now on! Post pics of my exchanges. Try to make order of my lifes chaos.

Hugs and Stitches all! Till the next time!


About Sapphire Stitching

Love to cross stitch - work on family pictures into DVD scrapbooks
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